I Live For The Applause

“She wants you to come to Mickey’s tonight dressed as her from the Applause single cover as she is going to be shooting a lyrics video” were the words I heard on my cell phone. The voice was my friend Perry Meek (@aussiegear) from The Haus of Gaga. My mother always said “She is the cat’s mother”, I don’t know what that means, but in this situation “She” was Lady Gaga. How f#@king cool! I was already in drag, but as the Little Monsters know the Applause single cover requires something a little different than a standard Courtney face. The makeup on the single cover is inspired by Pagliacci. So I rush home and beat my face in the style of the Italian Clown!

I arrive at Mickey’s at the same time as Gaga and we all head in together. We sit in some seats at the side of the stage and watch the performances that unfold. Then Shangela and I take the stage and perform Applause. The track was only released a few hours earlier, so I felt it more appropriate to interpret the lyrics with my body, rather than my mouth, and lip-synching was never my forte. Gaga filmed the whole this, as well as the whole night of events at Mickey’s and edited it all into a lyrics video that was release the next day.

You can listen to Gaga’s recount of events on Carson Daily the next morning, including a little should out to “my friend Courtney” at 1:46. You can imagine me Fan Girling when I heard this!

I am a very big Little Monster and I have had the pleasure of working with and meeting Gaga a few times, the first was when I sang her Happy Birthday a couple of years ago at her private birthday party at the Botanical Gardens in Canberra, Australia. It was a night time dinner for her and her closest, out doors, under the stars. I sang Sweet Transvestite and Happy Birthday and even gave Gaga a lap dance. Then we all strolled down a dark path through the bush lands to a big out-door movie screen where we watch some birthday messages,  followed by the movie, Avatar!

The next time I saw Gaga was when she performed at my spiritual home, Disgraceland, in Sydney. It was a monday night and the week that I was moving to America. She came and performed a whole set of numbers with her dancers in what was one of the most amazing live performances I have ever whitnessed. The venue only holds 340 people so it was a very intimate performance. I was so inspired watching the raw energy and passion that Gaga exuded. Her and her dancers worked like one giant organism to create a once in a life time experience for everyone in that room. When ever I go on stage to do a performance I have a list of things that I think about to inspire me and put me into the zone, Gaga’s performance that night is one of the things I think about. The next night we went to see her perform a fabulous show at the Sydney Town Hall, a TV special called “Monster Hall”. The next day I moved to the USA, what an amazing and memorable last 48 hours in Sydney that was!