Boys Like Me at The Sydney Theatre during Mardi Gras!!

Well I am just about as excited as I could be. Coming home to Sydney at my favourite time of year, Mardi Gras, to do my favourite thing, performing live with a band, and doing it in one of Sydney’s most prestigious venues, The Sydney Theatre down at Walsh Bay. Tuesday the 25th of February is going to be such a magical night on that grand stage. Lance Horne will be flying in from New York to musical direct my fabulous band. I have new costumes being made, writing some new songs, and telling some Mardi Gras specific stories. Click here to book tickets!

Mardi Gras @ Sydney Theatre

Performing Boys Like Me is such a thrill as I really feel it is my best work yet. I have always found the spectrum of gender and sexuality a fascinating thing, and have had quite a lot of experience observing it. Presenting as two different genders attracts a myriad of suitors and it is very apparent to me that gender and sexuality are not binary, but rather are kaleidoscopes of options, fractals and variations. So I decided to put my experience of walking life on the gender divide into a show, but don’t worry, the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

The show is for one night only as the first in a three part series of shows at The Sydney Theatre during the last week of Mardi Gras. Bob Downe and Trevor Ashley are also doing shows that week. Ticket are already selling fast, which is exciting, so make sure you book for what I know is going to be a gala night of glamour and fun.