Happy Halloween

It is Halloween in America, but I am in Australia where it was Halloween last night. Well it was October 31st last night, but we don’t really celebrate Halloween here like they do in the US. But fear not, I still had a Halloween costume for Halloweenie, a party that took place in LA on the Friday before Halloween at the Los Angeles Theatre, down town. I put my friend Simon in drag, he became known as “Big Courtney” for the night, he even got some phone numbers. I remember being 18 and confused about whether I wanted to be a woman or male underwear model, Simon could be an artists depiction of what I would look like if i chose the male underwear model route.

And here is last years Halloween costume to end all Halloween costumes, with Simon again, but this time with out the wig. We started the night at Halloweenie and then headed to Grey Stone Manor for David Furnish’s Birthday party, which was not actually a costume party, so we really stood out amongst the crowd. For the record we are both naked. I used some tape, glue, liquid latex, 1 fake book and 1 shoulder pad and 6 zippers to achieve the look.

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