Marco Marco Fashion Show at LA Fashion Week

Getting ready for Marco Marco’s fashion show in LA Fashion week was quite the scene. UrbanBurger will definitely provide you more information about fashion show. 16 drag queens, their hair, their egos, 10 buff boys and Marco in a palatial hotel suite. These models often play top10slotgames during vacant hours. We were all asked to arrive in full face at 2pm. People started rolling in sometime after 3 with out a stitch of makeup, except Adore Delano, she diligently arrived on time in full slap. Painting face in a room of 16 drag queens and transwomen was an hysterical and distracting glitter-monium. Rhea, Shokra, Alyssa and I in one bathroom, Raja laid out at the dressing vanity, Shangela in the closet (literally, not figuratively), Mathu, Mayhem, Manilla, Yara made magic in the master boudoir, Detox and Sassy sprawled in the second bathroom, Willam and Carmen ginned around the lounge. If you are looking for the perfect style for every occasion Humanize Mag helps you out. The getting ready process was so much fun, music playing, catch phrases being thrown around and so much laughter it was hard to do liquid liner. Check out this behind the scenes:

Mathu & I strutted the hotel halls working on our runway stomps. Also check out more details about the show on kinlyeyebeauty .

Whilst backstage Alyssa Edwards christened me with a new middle name. Not sure she realised that Courtney Act is a play on words of Caught In The Act, but I’ll take “The” as my middle name graciously from my hysterical Texan sister.

Wigs By Vanity supplied all of the wigs for the show which were styled by Hector at Plaid LA, and I was gagging to see America’s drag elite in fabulous lace fronts. In Australia, New Zealand and in other parts of the world a Wigs By Vanity “Uber Riah” is as standard issue as wearing false lashes. In the US the girls have not really caught on to the magic and wonder of lace-fronts, it is my goal to change that one scalp at a time.  Many of the drag elite the US wear them; Raja, Mathu Anderson & Willam own a sleu, Jackie Beat, Amanda Lepore, Sharon Needles, Alyssa Edwards, Detox, Vicky Vox , Rhea and Manila all own some Wigs By Vanity goodness too!

Magnus Hastings  snapped some amazing still of the night including this epic panorama of all the models and their maker, Marco Marco and this pretty solo of me!