Mean Gays


Courtney Act ruffled feathers battling it out on the sixth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.  Her blunt Australian honesty, coupled with that side-eye slurp from a straw, came across to many as harsh, cold, and conceited. Some even accused the blonde bombshell of being a not-so-nice girl. This Thursday, May 14th, Courtney Act aims to set the record straight with the release of her latest dance floor craze, “Mean Gays”.

“Reality TV is as real as I am a woman,” confirms the seasoned television star.  Before starring on RuPaul’s Drag Race, Act competed on Australian Idol, the down under version of the Idol franchise.  “The character that made up 90% of Courtney on Drag Race is probably less than 10% of who I am in real life.  Did I say the things the cameras caught me saying? Absolutely. Was that all I said? Definitely not.”

Courtney Act feels the show portrayed her as a mean queen, something she vehemently denies being.  “I made the decision a long time ago that I didn’t want to be a bitchy drag personality,” she continues.  “It’s ironic that I was portrayed to be one on the show.”

“Mean Gays”, her brand new anthemic electo-gospel club track, is meant as a tongue-in- cheek reply to the show that painted her a villain.  However, there is a serious side to the song.  Written by Act, it reveals some of the struggles she has faced finding her place in the LGBT community.


“I had a difficult time balancing my work and play lives,” she admits. “On the one hand, I loved drag and performing as Courtney.  On the other hand, I felt an immense pressure to go to the gym and give Shane the perfect body so that he could look like a male underwear model and fit in with the West Hollywood boys.

“It’s fun to be a part of a clique but when the group starts to influence how you feel about yourself, or how you act towards other people, it is time to reevaluate the situation. It’s important to be in touch with what feels right for you and surround yourself with people who respect the way you choose to live.”

Courtney counts her Drag Race cohorts Bianca Del Rio and Adore Delano as friends.  Both make cameos in the “Mean Gays” music video.  “I wanted the video to be fun and playful,” Act continues.  “It’s packed with all the gay video essentials: hot boys in designer underwear, handbags, dildo’s, unicorns, injectable tans, protein shakes.  I certainly couldn’t leave out my girls.”


Produced by Chrome Canyon, “Mean Gays” is Courtney Act’s third dance floor release. It follows “To Russia With Love”, her pop record released earlier this year and “Welcome to Disgraceland”, a song that sparked a frenzy in dance clubs around the world in 2010.

In addition to her work in reality TV, Courtney Act has made television appearances on Good Day LA, Are You There Chelsea? (NBC) and I Will Survive.  She has appeared on stage, playing the role of Angel in RENT the musical and as the opening act of Lady Gaga’s Australian club tour. Act is the face of Sheer Cover makeup and was named among the World’s Top 100 Sexiest Women by FHM Magazine.

Later this month, she will be make her debut appearance at the Life Ball in Austria.

“At the end of the day, RuPaul’s Drag Race was just twelve weeks of my life,” reflects Courtney Act.  “I have been performing as Courtney for fourteen years and I am sure I will continue for many more years to come. I will let my reputation and body of work speak for itself…unedited.”

“Mean Gays” by Courtney Act is available May 14th on iTunes and all major online retailers.