RuPaul's Drag Race Battle Of The Seasons Tour

RuPaul’s Drag Race Battle Of The Seasons Tour

I missed out on doing BOTS last year cause Bianca called the INS on me, but fear not for 2016 my papers are in order and I’m ready to tour the world with my sisters!

I will be on the tour for all of Europe dates and in North America till the 26th of May! Some of the shows have already sold out so make sure you book now at


3/17 Antwerp, Belgium                  4/22 Anaheim, CA

3/19 Newcastle, UK                        4/24 San Diego, CA

3/20 Glasgow, UK                           4/26 Tucson, AZ

3/22 Dublin, Ireland                        4/27 Phoenix, AZ

3/24 Manchester, UK                     4/29 Las Vegas, NV

3/25 London, UK                             4/30 Salt Lake City, UT

3/27 Birmingham, UK                     5/1 Denver, CO

3/28 Cardiff, UK                               5/10 Orlando, FL

3/29 Cardiff, UK                               5/11 Ft. Lauderdale, FL

3/31 Oslo, Norway                          5/13 Atlanta, GA

4/1 Copenhagen, Denmark           5/14 Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

4/2 Paris, France                              5/15 Tampa, FL

4/3 Berlin, Germany                        5/17 Columbia, SC

4/5 Amsterdam, Netherlands       5/18 Charlotte, NC

4/6 Amsterdam, Netherlands       5/20 Richmond, VA

4/9 Barcelona, Spain                      5/21 Washington, DC

4/10 Madrid, Spain                          5/22 Durham, NC

4/19 Seattle, WA                             5/24 Boston, MA

4/20 Portland, OR                           5/25 New York, NY

4/21 San Francisco, CA