To Russia With Love

To Russia With Love

It is Valentine’s Day and To Russia With Love is available NOW on iTunes! Actually it is not Valentine’s Day here in the US yet…but it is in Sochi, Russia. So if it is still the 13th where you are, just think of this as an early Valentine’s gift from me to you.

Download To Russia With Love on iTunes NOW!

I am so excited to be releasing new music. It has been 4 years since my last single, Welcome To Disgracealand, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Russia is in the media for it’s appalling political stance on human rights, the Olympic are on and it’s Valentine’s Day. There is no compromising on human rights, people can have their differences politically or socially, but equality of all people is a true fact that can not be denied.  So it is with great excitement that I offer this song that I wrote as an anthem of love to all the people of Russia, not just the GLBT people, but everyone… yes, even Putin. We can not solve problems with blame or anger. But we can use the contrast that Putin’s draconian laws have created as an example of what we don’t want, which allows us to more strongly focus on what we do want. And in this focusing on what we do want, equality, liberation, peace, let us dance forward together in love. After all “all you need is love”.

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Oh I almost forgot… the music video for To Russia With Love will be out on Tuesday 18th of February. My birthday!