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Courtney Act to Headline at the Austin International Drag Festival

Courtney Act to Headline at the Austin International Drag Festival

“Austin International Drag Festival will be a 3 night event (including one day stage) taking place in Austin, Texas (United States) on May 1st-3rd, 2015. It will be a weekend of shows and parties. The festival will showcase the best drag performers from all over the world. You will see up-and-coming drag artists alongside established and legendary drag superstars. All genres of drag will be covered from pageant queens to the fringe and freaky. This festival aims to boost the camaraderie of the drag performer community in a non-competitive environment and to further educate the public at large about the world of Drag!” according to the Austin International Drag Festival Facebook page.

 Courtney Act will be headlining at The North Door on Friday May 1st come out and join the fun!



Andre Xcellence – “Game Of Thrones” Featuring Courtney Act


Loved being a video hoe in Andre Xcellence’s video for Game Of Thrones. The track is so much fun and I am excited to have some other things in the works with Andre and American Commission coming soon!

Boys Like Me UK Tour

Boys Like Me UK Tour

Boys Like Me sold out in London and there are two shows left in Brighton!

This is my full 90 minute show with a live band. The venues are small and intimate and tickets for both cities are selling well so if you want to come the deets are below:

LONDON – The Pheasantry
SOLD OUT- Thursday – 19th March
SOLD OUT – Friday – 20th March
SOLD OUT – Saturday – 21st March 

BRIGHTON – Proud Cabaret
SOLD OUT – Tuesday – 31st March
Limited Tickets Remain – Wednesday – 1 April

Adore Delano-“Jump the Gun” Featuring Courtney Act

Watch below to see Adore Delano’s new video “Jump the Gun” featuring Courtney Act!

“I love being Adore Delano’s video hoe!” – Courtney Act

Courtney Act Takes Over MTV Dance

For the first time in the history of MTVAU the MTV Pride pop up channel will replace MTV Dance, Foxtel channel 810, starting Monday March 2nd running for a week. MTV Pride will feature Mardi Gras inspired programs and countdowns hosted by MTV VGays Courtney Act and Bianca Del Rio, who will discuss all things pride!

“I’m so excited to be a part of MTV Pride! The channel is going to be gayer than a kitten dressed as a unicorn spitting rainbows over Mardi Gras cause I’mma put on my MTV VGay wig and paint your TV screen pink,”  -Mardi Gras global ambassador Courtney Act

Tune in to join the MTV VGays celebrate this epic event!

Courtney and Bianca Reunite Down Under!


Courtney Act and Bianca Del Rio will be reunited for a tour down under later this month. Bianca Del Rio will be bringing her Comedy Special to Australia for Mardi Gras with Courtney as her special guest!

“Bianca and I are like Yin and Yang; I think that’s why we have so much fun together. She is so f#cking funny and I always marvel at her wit, but no one, least of all me, is safe.” – Courtney Act.

Follow for all the details!

Click below to purchase ticket before they sell out because this is a show you will not want to miss!

Feb 27th Sydney

Feb 28th & March 1st Brisbane

March 2nd Melbourne

March 4th Perth  *Courtney will not be at the Perth performance

Courtney Talks – Kardashian Ass

Here is my brand new YouTube series, Courtney Talks with Davey Wavey, Chris Thompson, Jet from The Wings Girls and Kim Kardashian’s ass!

American Apparel Ad Girls

I’m so excited to be announced as one of the new American Apparel Ad Girls alongside Willam and Alaska. It’s so cool on many levels. The three of us also have a secret project coming out very soon.
My Master Plan:
  • Step one- become an American Apparel Ad Girl.
  • Step two- use cred from Step 1 to get a Green Card.
  • Step three- marry James Franco now that I am a resident so he doesn’t think I am marrying him for immigration purposes.

Step one complete! Next stop Immigration Naturalization Services!!!!

Meet IG 5

Courtney is from Sydney, Australia but currently resides in West Hollywood. She enjoys success as a pop singer and has toured around the world with her live show.  She cites Oprah Winfrey as her religious leader and keeps a gratitude journal in her honor. Courtney’s hobbies include yoga, meditation, Burning Man and go-go dancing. Her favorite color is rainbow.
Boys Like Me in NYC - for a whole month!

Boys Like Me in NYC – for a whole month!

Courtney returns to the Laurie Beechman Theatre with her show Boys Like Me

Telling Magnus Hastings the juicy, sordid stories of my love life became the inspiration for this photo series, “Caught In The Act”, which you will soon get to see the NSFW versions of!!!

Those stories also inspired my show Boys Like Me which is returning, to NYC for a whole month season from July 29.

Tickets are on sale here!


I have been busy all summer collecting more field research and first hand experience of the Kinsey Scale. Marco Marco has made some stunning new costumes!

Boys Like Me is a 90 minute sit-down show and it’s my favourite thing to do standing up!



Vaping products: Information for health care workers and stop-smoking services

This page may be helpful when talking to people about vaping products (also known as e-cigarettes or vapes). It provides answers to common questions and issues.

What are vaping products?

Vaping products are battery-operated devices that heat a solution (or e-liquid) to produce a vapour that the user inhales or ‘vapes’. The ingredients of the e-liquid may vary, but currently, most contain propylene glycol (also used in asthma inhalers and nebulisers) and flavouring agents. In New Zealand, flavoured e-liquids are only available at specialist vape stores, except for tobacco, menthol and mint flavours, which are available at generalist stores such as dairies, petrol stations, chemists, and supermarkets. Some, but not all, e-liquids contain nicotine. Read more about at vaprzon.

Vaping products are a less harmful way of delivering nicotine than conventional tobacco cigarettes. However, vaping products cannot be regarded as being harmless: they still produce a range of toxicants, including some known carcinogens, in the vapour that users inhale, but at much lower levels than those found in cigarette smoke and at levels unlikely to cause harm (Ministry of Health, 2020b).

Types of vaping products

Vaping products come in a range of styles. Some devices look like conventional cigarettes with refillable cartridge ‘tank’ systems. In contrast, others are appliances with larger batteries that allow the power to be adjusted to meet an individual’s specific vapour requirements, or closed systems with low-powered batteries and replaceable cartridges (known as pods). The pods contain the heating coil and the e-liquid, which can be replaced as needed. These devices are far more discrete than tank systems, with little vapour and the size and appearance of a memory stick.

  • Get more information about different vaping products

The rapid evolution of devices has hampered research into the effectiveness of vaping for smoking cessation. The studies used products that are now considered obsolete, which typically had limited battery life and poor nicotine delivery. Contemporary devices can deliver nicotine far more effectively than earlier products. Very experienced vapers can achieve nicotine levels similar to those from smoking cigarettes (Prochaska, Vogel, & Benowitz, 2021).

Availability of vaping products in New Zealand

From November 2020, vaping products are regulated under the Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products Act 1990. People can use vaping products to support smoking cessation, but vaping products cannot be marketed as a stop-smoking medication.

As a regulated tobacco product, vaping products are subject to the provisions in the Act for smoke-free indoor workplaces (including restaurants and bars) and early childhood centres and schools. From November 2021, vaping will be illegal in vehicles carrying children under the age of 18. Some of the Smokefree Environments Act requirements also apply to vaping and heated tobacco products, such as banning advertising of these products and making it illegal to sell them to young people under the age of 18.

How many New Zealanders vape?

Many people report having ‘ever used’ vaping products. They say that they have tried or experimented with vaping, and that is all. Some people vape more regularly, such as daily or weekly. In the 2019/2020 New Zealand Health Survey, 24% of respondents said they had tried vaping at least once, but only 3.5% of adults reported vaping daily (Ministry of Health, 2020a). ‘Ever use’ of vaping products is very common among people who smoke tobacco: a 2017 survey of people who smoke tobacco found more than 60% of them reported having ever vaped (Guiney, Oakly, & Martin, 2019).

Of the people that had made recent quit smoking attempts, a third (32%) vaped daily or vaped on most days. The 2019 ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) Year 10 smoking survey found 3% of Year 10 students were daily vapers, and most were also daily smokers. Less than 1% of never smokers were daily vapers (ASH, 2021). However, with recent changes in the regulation of vaping products and other tobacco control measures taking effect, these figures are likely to change quite rapidly.

Stop-smoking support options for vapers

Emerging research suggests that people can use vaping products to help them transition from smoking cigarettes. Combining behavioural support with stop-smoking medication gives a person the best chance of quitting smoking. Using behavioural support with vaping products is likely to have a similar result. Both Quitline and local face-to-face stop-smoking services can support people who wish to use vaping products in their smoking cessation attempt.

Stop smoking services should:

  • be ‘vaping friendly’ towards clients who choose to use a vaping product in their quit smoking attempt
  • provide accurate information to people about the benefits and risks of vaping so that people can make an informed decision
  • be able to provide accurate advice about where people can obtain a vaping product and get advice on using and maintaining the product

Stop smoking services should also help people who wish to transition off vaping once confident that they will not relapse to smoking cigarettes.