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To Russia With Love


It is exciting when travelling to another country because you expect the trip to be exciting and memorable. Russia is a beautiful country with many places to explore. To enjoy Russia 2018, you need to stay healthy considering you are away from home. In addition to other travel preparations, there are things you need to do to ensure you enjoy the experience.

Russia at night. Photo: Shutterstock

These are worthy tips to help you worry less about your wellbeing and enjoy the games. These are the most accurate ikaria lean belly juice reviews.

Maintain A Healthy Diet

Food is very important. Find a good restaurant that serves a variety of recipes. Take meals that have the right amount of nutrients to nourish and keep you healthy. Remember to take a lot of water but source for clean water. Check out the latest Prodentim articles.

Limit Socialising

While basking in the euphoria of watching the games live, remember to be cautious. Beware of strangers. Always have a tour guide or google maps. But tour guides are better in this case because they will tell you all the dangerous spots.

Road Safety

In Russia, Cars have the right of way. They drive on almost anywhere even on the curb. You don’t want to be hospitalised when you ought to be enjoying the games. Be careful when you are walking on the streets get a good travel guide to assist you.

Heat Stroke
Remember that it is summer in Russia, temperatures will soar made even hotter by the crowd. Protect yourself from the heat, use SPF and other sunscreens that suits you to shade you from the effect of the sun to avoid heat stroke.

...And that's how I met Grace Jones and Philip Treacy in a funeral

…And that’s how I met Grace Jones and Philip Treacy in a funeral

On Wednesday night when I was draping a red silk chiffon skirt into an Arabian themed, Grace Jones inspired look, I had no idea that just a few hours later I would end up with her and Philip Treacy in her room at Chateaux Marmont. I was on the phone complaining to my friend Simon that I had nothing to wear to the inaugural Room Service LA at The Standard. He suggested dressing in festive colours, so I pulled all sorts of red things from my wardrobe and went to work. The look was quite fabulous. Very un-Courtney, no wig, but I liked it. I toddled off to Room Service to see the darling Jodie Harsh who has just flown in from London.


As I was coming out of the bathrooms a gentleman stopped me to compliment my look, “Darling you look fabulous”. “Thank you”, I replied. “I’m Philip. The hat maker? From London?”. Gobsmacked by what was possibly the most understated introduction for one of the most prolific designers and milliners in the world, I was indeed talking to Philip Treacy. The night continued with Philip conducting countless iPhone photo shoots, at one point taking over the dance floor so that he could photograph me strewn across a grand piano. When the 2am LA curfew kicked in my friend, and House of Gaga elite, Perry Meek and I walked Philip and his partner Stefan across the road to the Chateaux where they were staying.

Philip Treacy & Courtney Act

“Should I see if Grace is up?” said Philip. The woman is probably fast asleep, I thought. “Darling hello?” the unmistakable voice of Grace Jones was on the speaker phone, “I’m downstairs by the Christmas tree, come join me”. We joined Grace for a drink but alas it was past 2am in Los Angeles and the bar was closed. I was already contented with hearing her voice on speaker phone, let alone sitting next to her, having her examine my outfit, seeing how my headband was attached and admiring my eyelashes. “Come up to my room, we can have a drink up there” she said.

Posing for Philip

Up in Grace’s room we all sat and chatted for a couple of hours discussing everything from RuPaul’s Drag Race to the year she performed at the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras and some queen mopped her black, full length, patent leather coat during a quick change. She told them to stop the party and lock the doors, she refused to continue the show untill it was returned. It never was.

Grace was in town to perform at the amfAR Inspiration Gala, honouring Goldie Hawn the next evening. They invited Perry and I to come along and enjoy the performance. The first time I saw Grace Jones perform was at The Sydney Festival in 2009. It was an outdoor concert and one of the most brilliant live performances I have ever witnessed. I was so inspired as an entertainer. Her presence, costumes, showman ship and unique style created such a powerful dynamic and captivated the sea of thousands. What a woman. At one point the weather took a turn for the worse and Grace was suddenly being blown by a gale force wind. I felt patriotic shame for weather that could interfere with this legendary performance. The tension was so high, there was a hurricane that some how perfectly captured the endless meters of fabric on her costume and lifted them into the air causing the most beautiful scene. Then I realised the air where i was sitting was dead still. Could the storm be that isolated? As I diverted my eyes from the main attraction I realised there was a jet engine sized fan on the side of stage that was intentionally causing the fabric to bellow so beautifully. Brilliance.

So, I am sitting at a table at the amfAR Gala with Perry, Jodie Harsh and Stefan in a star studded room. Chelsea Handler is hosting, Sharon Stone is on stage performing the auction, Goldie Hawn’s speech when she receives her award is inspiring. That is another woman that has influenced my path greatly. She radiates sunshine. Then Grace Jones comes on stage. She is wearing her quintessential black velvet corset. Her body is flawless for any age, and she is 65. Long legs, glistening dark skin, red lips. We can’t see her eyes yet as she is wearing a Philip Treacy hat that blocks our view. She performs Pull Up To The Bumper, the 1981 hit that may very well be about anal sex with a Summit Escorts. Between every song she ducks behind a large black staircase, that is her set, to change costumes. Next she comes out for La Vie En Rose in the Jones/Treacy Swarovski bowler hat. For the finale she emerges with the hoola hoop to gyrate  her way through Slave To The Rhythm. The front of the room rushed, Jake Shears, Kelly Osbourne, Cheyenne Jackson, Sam Sparrow, Jodie Harsh and I all watched in awe as Grace mesmerised the crowd. Captivating. Stunning. Powerful.

Courtney, Jodie and Grace backstage after the show

After the show a small group headed up to the dressing room to say hello. Already running late for my regular Thursday night at The Abbey, I was torn between commitment and legend. I chose legend. Grace sat in the mirror touching up her makeup. I pulled out a small gift bag, “You said you liked my lashes last night so I brought you a pair”. “Darling, only if you can put them on me?”, Grace replied. We posed for some photos but I had to rush off to work. The lashes will have to wait until next time.

The funerals from Newrest Funeral Chapel to the family home in San Francisco were the same.

The church was built near the scene of two of her deaths last November by a man who killed a priest and was arrested later.

Dale Guggenheim, a 28-year-old pastor and pastor of St. William Church in St. Andrew, was killed June 5 while walking home from the funeral service of his girlfriend’s father, Gugdenheim told police. His wife, who was born in Brooklyn, was also shot to death on April 10, authorities said.

Guggenheim made several visits to the church each year and helped her father during funeral service. G.C.H.G. was not arrested. She was also not identified.


Imma be on RuPaul’s Drag Race!!!!!

If you’re experiencing back pain, or even a stiff neck, look to your lifestyle. The way you sleep, lift, and twist your body may be responsible. But preventing back pain may actually be the simplest way to deal with it. Follow these 10 tips—you’ll feel better now and ward off any future problems. Browse the car buying guide on GrandPrixTimes as they host the highest-quality product reviews and advice articles possible. We’ll help you kit out your car, clean your truck, and tell you everything.. Check out the latest erase my back pain reviews.

Back Pain
Lift Safely

Safe lifting involves using your legs to spare your back. Bend your knees, tighten your abdominal muscles, and keep the object being lifted close to your body.

It is also a good idea to be aware of unsafe lifting techniques, so that you can avoid them. Unsafe lifting techniques usually involve positions that will cause you strain when you add a load to them.



Minimize and Avoid Twisting Motions

The use of twisting motions should be carefully monitored and scaled back or eliminated as appropriate. When lifting heavy objects, twisting should be completely avoided.

When doing heavy work, such as housework, try to keep twisting to a minimum too. In other activities, pay close attention to how you are moving your spine as well as any warning signs, such as pain or tightness, that may indicate trouble.

Scale back on the twisting according to the warning signs your body gives you.

Drink Plenty of Water

Our bodies are comprised of approximately 70 percent water. Enough water keeps us fluid, rather than stiff.

Drinking plenty of water enhances the height of intervertebral disks, keeping them the healthy shock absorbers they are.

Water is necessary for nearly every bodily process, so it’s good to have in generous supply—at least six to eight 8-ounce glasses per day. It is almost impossible to drink too much water.

The days of sitting cross-legged on your floor playing Mario Kart are long gone. Modern day gaming takes more hand-eye coordination and endurance than ever before, and as such, ergonomic accessories like gaming chairs and desks are important investments that hardcore gamers need to help ensure they can play comfortably and safely for hours on end.

The right chair, for instance, should offer lumbar support, as well as have plenty of padding to help cradle your head and neck. In the case of desks, it should be wide enough to support multiple screens, and let you get close to your monitor without sacrificing room for your accessories. And because gaming equipment like controllers, consoles, and games aren’t cheap by any means, scoring a chair and desk setup on sale is key.

Good thing all of the options below are currently discounted, some upwards of 40% off their retail price, these are the Best gaming chairs.

Gaming chairs on sale

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Gamer to gamer, here's why you need the right chair (and desk)

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This sleek upholstered chair looks like it was built for the boardroom (and it definitely can complement any home office setup). That being said, it also works wonders when you’re gaming thanks to its padded foaming, ergonomic design, and sturdy aluminum base — all of which can keep you comfortable and supported at the same time. As an added bonus, shoppers can score the AKRacing Executive Chair for 35% off — just $389.

Gamer to gamer, here's why you need the right chair (and desk)

AKRacing™ Office Series Onyx Deluxe Executive Chair — $389 See Details

Height Adjustable Gaming Chair with Removable Lumbar and Headrest Pillow, on sale for $219.99

To ensure your gaming chair is customized to your body’s needs at any given moment, opt for an adjustable design like the Heigh Adjustable Gaming Chair (on sale for $219.99). You can contour the chair to fit your measurements, customizing the height and tilt of the seat and armrests, as well as removing (or keeping) its head and lumbar support pillow.

Boys Like Me at The Sydney Theatre during Mardi Gras!!

Well I am just about as excited as I could be. Coming home to Sydney at my favourite time of year, Mardi Gras, to do my favourite thing, performing live with a band, and doing it in one of Sydney’s most prestigious venues, The Sydney Theatre down at Walsh Bay. Tuesday the 25th of February is going to be such a magical night on that grand stage. Lance Horne will be flying in from New York to musical direct my fabulous band. I have new costumes being made, writing some new songs, and telling some Mardi Gras specific stories. Click here to book tickets!

Mardi Gras @ Sydney Theatre

Performing Boys Like Me is such a thrill as I really feel it is my best work yet. I have always found the spectrum of gender and sexuality a fascinating thing, and have had quite a lot of experience observing it. Presenting as two different genders attracts a myriad of suitors and it is very apparent to me that gender and sexuality are not binary, but rather are kaleidoscopes of options, fractals and variations. So I decided to put my experience of walking life on the gender divide into a show, but don’t worry, the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

The show is for one night only as the first in a three part series of shows at The Sydney Theatre during the last week of Mardi Gras. Bob Downe and Trevor Ashley are also doing shows that week. Ticket are already selling fast, which is exciting, so make sure you book for what I know is going to be a gala night of glamour and fun.

Blonde Bitches : Austin, Texas

Eat Smarter: Healthy Dietary Tips For Students Writing Exams

With exams on the way, students need to stay healthy and focused – and that means watching what and how they eat. Here’s how you can do that, according to Catherine Pereira from UWC’s Department of Dietetics and Nutrition. Visit

How can students eat better?

Students need to eat smarter, which means getting in enough energy, as well as enough vitamins and minerals, and all other nutrients that the body and brain need to be healthy and function optimally.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money, but you do need to think about what you’re eating. With the right forethought and preparation, it’s possible to eat healthy foods that contain nutrients that are important for optimal brain function.

How would you recommend students eat at regular intervals?

The most important thing to consider with regard to regular eating is that people need to start planning meals – just spending a few minutes in the morning packing some fruit, a sandwich and snacks can save you money (it’s often cheaper to prepare food at home) and time (you avoid having to stand in a queue), and ensures that your meals are healthier. When we don’t plan meals, we often just eat whatever is quickest, tastiest and cheapest – and that’s not always the healthiest. Check out the latest Red boost customer reviews.

Skipping meals can result in hunger and tiredness, both of which can decrease the ability to concentrate properly. So try to eat regularly – 3 main meals (and small snacks in between) ensure that you will be eating enough throughout the day. Some people lose their appetite when they are stressed – but even if you don’t have much of an appetite, try to eat small snacks often to make sure that you are taking in enough energy and nutrients to keep you going. However, eating very big meals can also make you feel tired and cause you to struggle to concentrate.

Some people are ‘stress eaters’ and consume large amounts of high sugar, high fat and high salt foods when stressed (sweets, chocolates, chips, etc.). These foods are often low in vitamins, minerals and protein – and will not help you to concentrate better (or help with your health in the long run).

Best ways to eat smart in the morning?

A good breakfast should provide decent amounts of energy – and preferably fibre and calcium as well. So good options are wholegrain high fibre cereals (like muesli or oats) together with milk or yogurt (for calcium), or porridges that contain fibre and other nutrients added (look at the labels and see which products contain more fibre). Other options include whole-wheat toast with peanut butter or avo or an egg.

And it’s always good to start the day with some water, or rooibos tea (without added sugar).

What are some of the best brain foods around?

Choose healthy fats like avocado (on whole-wheat toast), peanut butter, tinned fish (for example pilchards or sardines, again on toast or with some vegetables or salad) as well as nuts and seeds that can be eaten as snacks or added to meals. These all contain essential fatty acids that help your brain function optimally. Try to eat small amounts of protein at each meal time, whether it is dairy, meat, chicken, fish, eggs or beans, split peas, lentils or soya.

Many people think that supplements, energisers or herbal stimulants can help your brain to function better, especially when you are feeling tired. But these products can be expensive, and many of them do not have proven benefits. It’s much better just to spend your money on healthier foods. If you want to take a supplement, then try a comprehensive multivitamin/mineral supplement that contains most of the vitamins and minerals – at the recommended daily amount.

How do students choose smart vegetables?

Well, all vegetables are smart – veggies are full of vitamins, minerals, fibre, phytochemicals and anti-oxidants that have many health benefits. Unfortunately, most people just do not eat enough vegetables.

When you use vegetables that are in season or you buy in bulk, it doesn’t need to be that expensive – and students can think of creative ways to add more veg to their daily meals. For example:

  • Many vegetables can be eaten raw – carrots, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, spinach, etc. You can pack these like you would a piece of fruit.
  • If having a sandwich, add extra lettuce, tomato and cucumber.
  • Summer is a great time for trying out different varieties of salads.
  • Roasted vegetables are quite quick to make and can be added to a meal, or chopped veg can be added to a stew or pasta.

Staying hydrated – how much water is enough?

We should be drinking about 2 litres of water (about 6-8 cups) per day. This doesn’t have to be just water – any drinks made from tap water will do, including tea and coffee. However the sugar added to tea / coffee must be limited. Try to carry a bottle with you that you can refill with water to make sure you’re drinking enough.

Miss Universe

The day has come…I’m excited to announce I’m entering into a major competition, something I’ve dreamed about all my life… I am going to be Miss Universe!

  • Miss Universe
  • Miss Universe
  • Miss Universe
  • Miss Universe
  • Miss Universe
  • Miss Universe
  • Miss Universe
  • Miss Universe
  • Miss Universe
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  • Miss Universe
  • Miss Universe
  • Miss Universe
  • Miss Universe
  • Miss Universe
  • Miss Universe

Photos by Mitch Fong @majormitchmajor

Marco Marco Fashion Show at LA Fashion Week

Getting ready for Marco Marco’s fashion show in LA Fashion week was quite the scene. UrbanBurger will definitely provide you more information about fashion show. 16 drag queens, their hair, their egos, 10 buff boys and Marco in a palatial hotel suite. These models often play top10slotgames during vacant hours. We were all asked to arrive in full face at 2pm. People started rolling in sometime after 3 with out a stitch of makeup, except Adore Delano, she diligently arrived on time in full slap. Painting face in a room of 16 drag queens and transwomen was an hysterical and distracting glitter-monium. Rhea, Shokra, Alyssa and I in one bathroom, Raja laid out at the dressing vanity, Shangela in the closet (literally, not figuratively), Mathu, Mayhem, Manilla, Yara made magic in the master boudoir, Detox and Sassy sprawled in the second bathroom, Willam and Carmen ginned around the lounge. If you are looking for the perfect style for every occasion Humanize Mag helps you out. The getting ready process was so much fun, music playing, catch phrases being thrown around and so much laughter it was hard to do liquid liner. Check out this behind the scenes:

Mathu & I strutted the hotel halls working on our runway stomps. Also check out more details about the show on kinlyeyebeauty .

Whilst backstage Alyssa Edwards christened me with a new middle name. Not sure she realised that Courtney Act is a play on words of Caught In The Act, but I’ll take “The” as my middle name graciously from my hysterical Texan sister.

Wigs By Vanity supplied all of the wigs for the show which were styled by Hector at Plaid LA, and I was gagging to see America’s drag elite in fabulous lace fronts. In Australia, New Zealand and in other parts of the world a Wigs By Vanity “Uber Riah” is as standard issue as wearing false lashes. In the US the girls have not really caught on to the magic and wonder of lace-fronts, it is my goal to change that one scalp at a time.  Many of the drag elite the US wear them; Raja, Mathu Anderson & Willam own a sleu, Jackie Beat, Amanda Lepore, Sharon Needles, Alyssa Edwards, Detox, Vicky Vox , Rhea and Manila all own some Wigs By Vanity goodness too!

Magnus Hastings  snapped some amazing still of the night including this epic panorama of all the models and their maker, Marco Marco and this pretty solo of me!

Happy Halloween

It is Halloween in America, but I am in Australia where it was Halloween last night. Well it was October 31st last night, but we don’t really celebrate Halloween here like they do in the US. But fear not, I still had a Halloween costume for Halloweenie, a party that took place in LA on the Friday before Halloween at the Los Angeles Theatre, down town. I put my friend Simon in drag, he became known as “Big Courtney” for the night, he even got some phone numbers. I remember being 18 and confused about whether I wanted to be a woman or male underwear model, Simon could be an artists depiction of what I would look like if i chose the male underwear model route.

And here is last years Halloween costume to end all Halloween costumes, with Simon again, but this time with out the wig. We started the night at Halloweenie and then headed to Grey Stone Manor for David Furnish’s Birthday party, which was not actually a costume party, so we really stood out amongst the crowd. For the record we are both naked. I used some tape, glue, liquid latex, 1 fake book and 1 shoulder pad and 6 zippers to achieve the look.

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They say that nine tenths of a woman’s charm is illusion. Courtney Act is living proof. She has the ability to bring women to their feet and men to their knees, but she’s not like other girls…

I Live For The Applause

“She wants you to come to Mickey’s tonight dressed as her from the Applause single cover as she is going to be shooting a lyrics video” were the words I heard on my cell phone. The voice was my friend Perry Meek (@aussiegear) from The Haus of Gaga. My mother always said “She is the cat’s mother”, I don’t know what that means, but in this situation “She” was Lady Gaga. How f#@king cool! I was already in drag, but as the Little Monsters know the Applause single cover requires something a little different than a standard Courtney face. The makeup on the single cover is inspired by Pagliacci. So I rush home and beat my face in the style of the Italian Clown!

I arrive at Mickey’s at the same time as Gaga and we all head in together. We sit in some seats at the side of the stage and watch the performances that unfold. Then Shangela and I take the stage and perform Applause. The track was only released a few hours earlier, so I felt it more appropriate to interpret the lyrics with my body, rather than my mouth, and lip-synching was never my forte. Gaga filmed the whole this, as well as the whole night of events at Mickey’s and edited it all into a lyrics video that was release the next day.

You can listen to Gaga’s recount of events on Carson Daily the next morning, including a little should out to “my friend Courtney” at 1:46. You can imagine me Fan Girling when I heard this!

I am a very big Little Monster and I have had the pleasure of working with and meeting Gaga a few times, the first was when I sang her Happy Birthday a couple of years ago at her private birthday party at the Botanical Gardens in Canberra, Australia. It was a night time dinner for her and her closest, out doors, under the stars. I sang Sweet Transvestite and Happy Birthday and even gave Gaga a lap dance. Then we all strolled down a dark path through the bush lands to a big out-door movie screen where we watch some birthday messages,  followed by the movie, Avatar!

The next time I saw Gaga was when she performed at my spiritual home, Disgraceland, in Sydney. It was a monday night and the week that I was moving to America. She came and performed a whole set of numbers with her dancers in what was one of the most amazing live performances I have ever whitnessed. The venue only holds 340 people so it was a very intimate performance. I was so inspired watching the raw energy and passion that Gaga exuded. Her and her dancers worked like one giant organism to create a once in a life time experience for everyone in that room. When ever I go on stage to do a performance I have a list of things that I think about to inspire me and put me into the zone, Gaga’s performance that night is one of the things I think about. The next night we went to see her perform a fabulous show at the Sydney Town Hall, a TV special called “Monster Hall”. The next day I moved to the USA, what an amazing and memorable last 48 hours in Sydney that was!