#CourtneyCickstarter Update

“Crowdsurfing is like couchsurfing is like crowdsourcing. You’re falling into the audience— you’re asking them to help you.” – Amanda Palmer


“I am so thankful for your support and excited to make this music for you. The 20k funding goal scared me, I thought that I should make it lower and more achievable, but you have all proved me wrong and I am so grateful.

We have done a budget and to do this puppy properly we really need 60k. It’s a lot I know. This includes 7 tracks produced, mixed and mastered. 2 music videos (we have a really epic director on board for the debut clip, like… childhood dreams come true, I will reveal more in future backers updates), publicity, artwork, photography, CD production and everything else! I am truly humbled that you are even here considering pre-ordering my EP, anything you contribute I am so epically grateful. PS I added a new $60 Reward – Custom Voicemail greeting or Ring Tone.”

There is only four days left; can we rally to get to over 35k?

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