Courtney’s Updates

Ugly Is Here!

The second single of Courtney’s EP has been released! You can download “Ugly” on iTunes and preorder Kaleidoscope here!

Tickets for the CabaRave can be purchased here!

Exclusive Yahoo Music Interview

Exclusive Yahoo Music Interview

Courtney Act recently stopped by Yahoo Music to share with us all a little acoustic versions of Ugly, Ecstasy, and Kaleidoscope.

She also sat down with Yahoo’s Music Lyndsey Parker for an exclusive interview to discuss her debut EP Kaleidoscope out July 7th.

You can purchase Ecstasy now on iTunes  and click HERE to purchase tickets to attend Courtney Act’s release party Kaleidoscope CabaRave in NYC.

Ecstasy Is Here!

Ecstasy, is inspired by a night I had at Burning Man. My friends and I were on the dance floor at Opulent Temple and Diplo was DJ’ing. That moment when you let go of before and after and you connect with yourself, the people you are with and the dance floor. No words necessary. You are in the moment. The music sets you free.

You can purchase Ecstasy now on iTunes and Courtney Act’s Kaleidoscope​ EP will be out July 7th.  Click HERE to purchase tickets to attend Courtney Act’s release party Kaleidoscope CabaRave in NYC.

The AAA Girls Take Over Sirus XM Radio

Every Tuesday for the next 6 weeks Willam Belli, Alaska Thunderfuck, and Courtney Act will be live on air at 2pm ET/ 11am PT. Tune in on Out Q channel 106.

This is LIVE radio people, who knows what will happen. Here are some snippets from their first show discussing Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover

Chapstick and Mascara

You asked and she delivered, check out and subscribe to Courtney’s newest YouTube Series:

Ecstasy, the first single off Kaleidoscope is here!

Ecstasy, the first single off Kaleidoscope is here!

Download it now and add it to your weekend playlist, I want you dancing around your bedroom in your undies to this song in the next 24 hours!

You can “Pay what you want” through BandCamp, or get it on Amazon.  Please feel free to Tweet, Insta, Fb, Snapchat and Periscope it too!

Kaleidoscope CabaRave

SEO isn’t just for big businesses. As a small company or a local business, there is actually a lot you can do yourself to get good results from search. This ultimate guide for local and small business SEO will help you get the most out of search by finding your niche, optimizing your pages and using social media.

As local SEO is basically about optimizing for local search engine results, it’s fair to say that local SEO and small business SEO are closely related, which is why we’ll cover both in this article.

We’ll discuss a variety of related topics in this article:

Table of contents

  • Local SEO in tough times
  • The three pillars of local SEO: proximity, prominence and relevance
  • More background on how local SEO works
  • Your site, our Local SEO plugin + My Business
  • Finding your niche
  • Low budget branding
  • Start writing great content
  • Share your content on social media
  • Local ranking factors that help your small business SEO
    • Google My Business
    • Add ratings and reviews
    • Links from related small businesses
    • Near me searches
  • In conclusion

As long as Google’s local search result pages continue to grow and improve, we’ll never be done with this subject. In the meantime, here’s our ultimate guide to local and small business SEO. But first, let’s start with an update on local SEO and the Coronavirus pandemic.

Local SEO in tough times

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the world. Many local businesses have trouble keeping their heads above water while struggling with an audience that hasn’t come outside for a while. Even if everyone is allowed outside and do their thing, the behavior has changed. Priorities will change, which means some businesses will profit while others will falter. As a local business, you have to keep your ear to the ground to find out what your customers want and need. Maybe you need to pivot or find new ways of getting your products to your audience.

Even if businesses are reopening, chances are consumers will be cautious. On the other hand, e-commerce is soaring. For many businesses, now is the time to focus on getting online. It will be some time before everything goes back to normal, if ever. So, it’s best to find out what your customer needs right now and try to fulfill that demand. Many sites offer free data that helps you get insights into what’s happening, like Google’s Rising Retail Categories site.

Keep your listings up to date

For now, the least you can do is to keep your online business details up to date. Make sure that your data is correct and make use of the various tools search engines provide to help searchers find the most up to date information on your business. So, update your Google My Business, use the Posts feature to add additional information and add structured data if necessary. Google has guidance for businesses coping with COVID-19.;

We have a couple of posts that can help you find your footing as a local business during this difficult time:

  • 4 quick tips to quickly improve your website during the current situation
  • Adapting your content strategy to changing times
  • Update your canceled or postponed events with structured data
  • 5 tips to switch from restaurant to food delivery
  • Shops & restaurants: offer easy curbside pickup with WooCmmerce and Local SEO

The three pillars of local SEO: proximity, prominence and relevance

Ranking locally, means you have to keep three things in mind. Proximity, prominence and relevance are the factors that determine if your business should appear at the top of the local SERPs for a specific search term.

  • To determine proximity, search engines have different means to find out where the searcher is, mostly based on zip codes and/or geo-coordinates.
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  • Relevance is the third local SEO factor. Here, search engines look at how well a local company matches what a user is searching for. To be relevant, you don’t simply fill out and update your Google My Business account, as Google specifically mentions that it also factors in your rankings in the regular search results, so it is a good idea to work on your SEO in general.

#CourtneyCickstarter Update

“Crowdsurfing is like couchsurfing is like crowdsourcing. You’re falling into the audience— you’re asking them to help you.” – Amanda Palmer


“I am so thankful for your support and excited to make this music for you. The 20k funding goal scared me, I thought that I should make it lower and more achievable, but you have all proved me wrong and I am so grateful.

We have done a budget and to do this puppy properly we really need 60k. It’s a lot I know. This includes 7 tracks produced, mixed and mastered. 2 music videos (we have a really epic director on board for the debut clip, like… childhood dreams come true, I will reveal more in future backers updates), publicity, artwork, photography, CD production and everything else! I am truly humbled that you are even here considering pre-ordering my EP, anything you contribute I am so epically grateful. PS I added a new $60 Reward – Custom Voicemail greeting or Ring Tone.”

There is only four days left; can we rally to get to over 35k?

Click below to help fund Kaleidoscope:


I’m releasing an EP this summer and would love you to be a part of it!

I just flooded my basement cause my childhood dream of releasing a pop EP is coming true (Ok, so I called it an album during childhood, but there are 7 tracks so it’s practically an album).

It’s coming out this summer, you can pre-order it now and get lots of other exciting treats over at my Kickstarter!

Asking for help is mildly terrifying but I am so excited to bring this music to you so we can rock out on the dance floor this summer!

Thank you for taking the time, I hope you click on the link and check out the video I made too!

AAA Girls Invade Europe


Get ready Europe because Courtney, Willam, and Alaska are taking over!

“Touring with Willam and Alaska is not only fun for us and the audience, but also fun for YouTube cause we always film out debauched adventures (except when I loose the camera). We can’t wait to invade the UK this May!” – Courtney Act

Be prepared to be thoroughly entertained by these queens. They will perform their top 10 Billboard Comedy Digital Hit Song “American Apparel Ad Girls” among other hits.

They will be bringing their talents to:

May 3rd – Holy Trannity – Manchester

May 6th – The Eagle – London

May 7th – The Eagle – London- SOLD OUT

May 8th – Club Revenge – Brighton

May 9th – AXM – Glasgow – SOLD OUT

May 10th – AXM – Glasgow

May 11th – Shade – Newcastle

Hurry and get your tickets soon because they are selling out quickly!